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returntous wrote in taxonomites
So about this job thing. My usefulness begins and ends at 'talks to ghosts' and hell if I've seen any of them here.

Anybody else got that problem?

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I've never seen or heard of any place on earth with no dead in it. It doesn't have to be human, there's always a touch of dead somewhere of some kind. I can see that, I've seen it all my life.

Whatever this place is, I don't think it was real until we got here. Or at least, not inhabited by anything.

My running theory is still VR prison. Might make sense.

In sticking to the whole sci-fi theme, yeah I guess so. It explains the Extras and why everything looks like a five-year-old glued bits of cities together.

But why the vampires? Why exorcists like John and I?

Why aristocrats and waitresses and businessmen?

I think that there might be a pattern, but it would require research that's too invasive to dig it out for sure.

Do they talk back?

Not like people do, if that's what you mean.

As near as I can figure it, this only applies to the dead I know of, or it might even only apply to how my own abilities work, but speaking is one of the first things they forget. Words, communication, codes - it's hard for them to remember the rules of people who exist with such limitations that don't apply to them.

Sometimes they break things to get their point across. Sometimes they hurt people.

Usually they like me.

From the dead? No. I have considered that maybe they are here, and they just don't want to be seen. Or maybe I can't see them here.

But I've never had that happen before.

You talk to them?

Not that I've seen any. Just curious. I usually hunt them. I mean I've talked to a couple but most of the time they aren't that coherent when I meet them.

Yeah. At least the vengeful ones.

I've never one like that who wasn't something other.

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